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Investment Opportunities:

The Private Deal Guy, and his investment partners, are evaluating multiple deals as investment opportunities. Contact Rita at 832-459-7335 if you have questions or would like information on these opportunities.
You can also attend one of our events to get updated information. Visit our Events Page by clicking here.

Ticker Tape 2, LLC, is a Member-managed private equity group which does not charge fees to its members.  We invest in all types of deals.  We created TTI as a way to leverage our time, money, and expertise.  Find out more at Ticker Tape Investments.

Procyrion has developed an ambulatory circulatory assistance device.  The small pump is implanted through the patient’s groin, and assists the heart in functioning.  We believe this device is going to revolutionize the treatment of congestive heart failure patients.  If you haven’t seen the device, watch this quick video.

OnBoard Tours operates high-end sightseeing tours in New York, Washington DC, and Las Vegas. The company is expanding into San Francisco and Los Angeles.  OnBoard Tours has an offering outstanding to raise additional growth & acquisition capital.  Contact us for more information.  The Private Deal Guy is the Founder and CEO of OnBoard Tours.

Salarius Pharmaceuticals is an oncology based biotechnology company developing targeted treatments for patients who need them the most. Their lead compound represents a potential paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer.  They are initially targeting Ewing sarcoma, but the discovery may also apply to cancers such as prostate, breast, ovarian, and leukemia.  Check them out at

Alive5 has built a revolutionary text-messaging system that improves customer service for e-commerce companies.  The Private Deal Guy uses the system in his business.  Check out Alive5.